Probably Not: Debt can be very dangerous, especially personal debt. The logic to leveraged investing is this: borrowing money to buy an asset that is going to generate income. In theory as long as that asset is able to generate more income than the cost of interest then you’re further ahead than if you didn’t borrow money to invest. However I don’t generally recommend leveraged investments because of the high degree of risk. When the market drops you could easily find yourself owing more money that what your investments are worth.  This could drastically affect the rest of your financial planning in a very harmful way.  I’ve spoken to investors who’ve been feed the story that using someone else’s money to make money is the way to go, only to hear about how badly it’s hurt them financially. Most people most of the time should not use leverage in their portfolio.

However, that being said I do have a very small number of clients who do use leverage in their portfolio. They are fully aware of the risk and have both the assets, the income, and the financial literacy to support the risk and mitigate the certainty of eventual poor market conditions.