Do You Only Sell Life Insurance From One Company?

No. I am not a “captive agent” who can only offer Life and Health Insurance from one company. I don’t believe that serves my clients very well as different companies offer different premiums for different clients. Having the ability to shop around lets me get my clients better rates!

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Should I Buy Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

GENERALLY speaking: If you’re purchasing insurance to protect your mortgage and family you’re probably better buying term insurance because it’s cheaper and those needs should be temporary. See life insurance section for a more detailed explanation. Of course to fully answer this question we should sit down and discuss your insurance needs.

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Should I Take The Mortgage Insurance With My Mortgage?

Probably not! (see section on mortgage insurance). Bottom line, Mortgage Insurance is usually significantly more expensive and has far fewer features than regular term life insurance. Your mortgage provider has done you a terrible dis-service if they didn't explain this to you, and told you how to cover your mortgage with Life Insurance.

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