Financial Freedom Requires A Disciplined Approach

Like most things in life, if financial freedom was easy we’d all already have it. But like most things in life that are important, they require commitment and discipline to achieve. But the good news is, it’s possible; with practise financial freedom can be yours!

We live in a culture that promotes spending and ramped consumerism. We’re encouraged every day to splurge, or to buy now and pay later. Financial freedom isn’t about being able to say yes to everything we’d like to get. Achieving Financial Freedom therefore requires a certain amount of discipline, to say no to some things so you can say yes to the better things.

Financial discipline is also crucial to your investing. It takes enormous discipline to stay in the market after a rough patch when there are few signs of a rebound. Conversely it also takes enormous disciple to sell a good investment after they’ve had a good run, we’re always tempted to cut our losses instead of sticking with it, or investing in funds that are just reaching their peak! But achieving financial freedom necessitates that we invest carefully within our risk tolerance and exercise restraint when markets start moving!