Money Is A Vehicle Not A Destination

Money truly is the ultimate tool. It can be used to purchase nearly anything! However as a tool it seems somewhat foolish to horde it without purpose. Financial freedom requires purposeful savings, insuring and investing but with a purpose in mind.

I think it’s important to remember what money really is. It’s a tool, it’s a means; It’s not an end in and of itself. Consider that our currency today is mostly made out of paper/plastic and has little intrinsic value from a material perspective. In addition most of your money is probably just a series of digits in a bank account ledger somewhere. When thought about from that perspective it might seem a little foolish how obsessed we all are with it!

Of course, money does have a great deal of value because of what it can do. It’s in a sense the ultimate tool it can be traded for almost anything! But it’s a tool none-the-less. Consider for a moment what legacy you will leave behind at the end of your life, do you want to be known as the rich person with lots of digits in your bank account? Is that what you want said at your funeral? I certainly hope I’m known for other things, like being a good father (and hopefully grandfather many years from now) and husband, building a successful business, a person of integrity who was respected and someone who was fun to be around and generous with both time and money. Ultimately I hope that I leave a positive mark on the world throughout my life. My point is this: money will most certainly help to achieve these goals, but life is about more than money.

If we can think of money as a vehicle for our goals, rather than a goal in and of itself; we will make better financial decision. Consider the investor who is interested in the highest possible return on every dollar they have, all they want is more money. They will never be happy. They’ll always wish they had done this or that differently to have made more money. An old proverb reads “whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income” and it so very true!

Now consider the investor who has some goals beyond a simple dollar figure. Perhaps it’s for a child’s education; perhaps it’s a trip one day around the world or just to retirement comfortably. These goals will cause this investor to methodically build up the assets they need, and ultimately enjoy the fruits of their investments! I submit to you the investor who is building assets for a reason will be happier in the long run, because they have purpose beyond simply acquiring more for more sake! The investor who invests just to have “more money” will never be satisfied as that goal is unattainable. They desire having a tool just for the sake of having a tool.