Combination Insurance:

It is no secret that disability and critical illness insurance, while important, can be prohibitively expensive. Some life insurance companies offer a unique product that is an affordable way to get life, disability and critical illness all in one. While it doesn’t have every feature or benefit an individual disability and critical illness insurance policy would, it does provide coverage for all three at a more affordable premium.

Extended Health Plans and Drug & Dental

Thinking about Drug and Dental plans? If you’re interested, we have a variety of plans from basic to fully enhanced that can help you rest easier and help cover many of the costs not covered by provincial plans.

Group Benefits

Do you have group benefits through work? Would you like them? I offer competitive rates for small businesses (or even larger ones). If you are an employer, I’d encourage you to talk to me about the options available for group benefits. They are a tax-efficient way to attract and retain your best employees!

Cash for Life

Life insurance ultimately covers the risk of dying too soon, when you have not accumulated enough wealth to support your family. Due to advances in medicine and health care, we now see a new risk: Living too long.  Depleting assets in retirement is now a very real risk. “Cash for Life” covers this risk as it guarantees a stable income for as long as you live. No need to worry about those resources running out.